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Camp Jarl is a start up incubator. We create new and innovative start-ups, and support them with knowledge, human capital and an economic foundation.

We take pride in finding talent with the right skills, creative minds, strong leadership and determination needed to bring

ideas to life. Together we develop unique media concepts, invent new technologies, and explore digital frontiers.

With our history and fields of expertise as great building blocks, Camp Jarl finds and craft new concepts and client services that neither we nor our customers have seen before.

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Esportal is launching Prime Matchmaking!

🌟 Esportal Prime CS:GO Match Making: 🌟 Esportal is launching Prime Matchmaking! Do you want to take your gaming to new levels and get matched with other more serious players? Then Prime is something for you! Prime Matchmaking has a stricter rulebook when [ … —> ]

BumbeeLabs – Bicycles

It is becoming increasingly important for cities to promote bicycles as means of transport by enhancing routes and streamlining bicycle traffic. This can only be done efficiently and effectively by studying bicycle movements along with pedestrians so as to fully understand how [ … —> ]

Inferno Online 2.0

Välkomna till IOS 2.0, arbetet fortsätter! Lagom till hösten är vi färdiga med del två av vår uppgradering på Inferno Online. Inferno Online är ständigt under utveckling för att skräddarsy eran gamingupplevelse. Vi strävar alltid efter att ligga i framkant när det [ … —> ]

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